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I am surrounded by powerful, talented, risk-taking women. 


They make me better. They lend their talents where I lack. They give honest opinions when I ask. 

Carolyn de Voest

Business Performance Specialist

When Carrie asked Carolyn to lead her team on this journey- it was a dream challenge  She wanted Carolyn to carve out the business path that involved creating a powerful podcast and effective online public speaking courses. The overarching goal was to empower women to use their voices and give them the tools they need to do so. Carolyn’s response was a visceral YES! 


Throughout Carolyn’s professional career she has always empowered people to “better their best”.  Carolyn believes that being a confident public speaker will give women the necessary tools to take that bold step forward, either personally or professionally.

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Haley Mowat

Creative Director

Haley has and always been creative. Her creativity is what led her to Carrie Doll Consulting.  She asked to come on board as a volunteer when she heard Carrie’s was launching a podcast and online courses. She knew she had to be involved.  


It took but a few meetings before Carrie turned Haley’s volunteer commitment into a position on the team. Haley is a master collaborator and loves contributing to a team.  She is also a massive consumer of podcasts, and know what is needed to produce a powerful product.


Haley has a background in business development, marketing and a passion for holistic wellness, She is thrilled to work on a project that helps build comradery amongst women, improves their dynamic tenacity, and nurtures their intuitive wisdom. 

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Jennifer Dolynchuk

Producer, Project Manager

It was at 3 AM, five years ago, when Jennifer pulled into her parking spot at CTV News.  She was ready for her new gig as a traffic reporter on CTV Morning Live. To this day, she still talks (and laughs) about how delighted she was to share Carrie Doll’s parking spot. Since Carrie read the 6 pm news and Jen did the morning, they never crossed paths, but that crazy parking spot would forever connect them.

Jennifer was never a morning person, so she let go of TV career and decided to follow her passion for film. She moved to LA and diversified her skill set in countless ways.  She also traveled across North America and produced numerous projects along the way. When Jennifer heard Carrie had a dream of empowering woman through stories, she knew she needed to document the journey. They no longer share a parking spot - but they will forever share a passion for the empowerment of women through stories well told.

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