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Carla & Kelly Buchberger

Updated: Nov 12, 2021


Stylist & Coach and Former NHL Player Episode: 020 Welcoming Every Twist and Turn with Open Arms

Carla and Kelly Buchberger have known each other since kindergarten, and after 27 years of marriage are still truly best friends. They step in The Inner Circle today for their first ever interview as a couple, to talk with Carrie about their fascinating love story, the very serious accident Kelly endured in his youth, and how he overcame it and healed with even more motivation and inspiration towards his hockey career. They also talk about what life was like when Kelly was in the Edmonton Oilers, his work with the New York Islanders, and Carla’s passion for fashion.

What You’ll Hear in This Episode:

● How Carla and Kelly met in Langenburg, and how Kelly store the heart of Carla as a 16 year old farm girl.

● The very serious accident Kelly faced that led to him in the burn unit for 3 months with, and how he processed that and learned to walk again, and get strong enough to return to hockey.

● How Kelly and Carla keep a winning mindset, and an attitude of gratitude no matter where their career or life takes them.

● How Kelly got into the Edmonton Oilers, and what it was like to play in the most talked about team in hockey history.

● That Carla literally fainted when she met all the hockey superstars!

● The glue of loyalty and dedication that holds their marriage together and keeps them humble how much fame and fortune they encounter.

● More about Kelly’s work as an assistant coach with New York Islanders.

● The way Carla and Kelly handle traveling and moving while making sure their kids maintain their small town values.

● Carla’s illustrious passion in the fashion industry, and her future in the field.

● Their advice to other couples in a long lasting and successful marriage.


● “Growing up in a small town, you get to make your own fun.”

● “He was a cute hockey player with a beautiful mullet. That was all I cared about.”

● “He used to phone me and put Wayne on the phone. That’s Wayne Gretzky.”

● “The loyalty and honor we both have is strong.”

● “It’s how you treat people, and in a small town you have to be a good person, because there aren’t a lot of people there.”

● “There’s no bad days, and I try and live by that for myself and others around me.”


Edmonton Oilers New York Islanders

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