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Amber L'Heureux

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Chuckwagon Racer, Motivational Speaker

Episode 103: Chuckwagon Champion Amber L'Heureux Take Control


Amber L’Heureux is an incredible chuckwagon racer from small town Saskatchewan who overcame adversity in 2019 to become the first female to race chuckwagons professionally in the Canadian Professional Chuckwagon Association.

Amber attributes the strength, mental drive, and toughness required to master chuckwagon racing to the tragedy she experienced throughout her life; she speaks with Carrie about the moment her life changed, the struggles that came with learning to cope at such a young age, meeting close friend and colleague Dallas Wylie, mental illness, the connection she has with her horses, and much more.

Amber’s story is one of the highest highs and the lowest lows, and how perseverance and hope can drive a person to become a champion.

By opening up about her journey, Amber hopes to motivate youth and women to pursue their ultimate goals, regardless of life’s challenges.

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