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Lara Courtepatte

Founder, President & CEO of TutorTeach

Episode 199: Lara Courtepatte Talks TutorTeach

"I spent much of my life tutoring and mentoring children in French. When I became a mother of two young boys, I began putting together plans on how I wanted them to learn French from birth onwards. This ignited a spark in me to offer it to other families who were seeking extra support within their children’s education.

I was brought up in Edmonton, Alberta learning both English and French in tandem, since birth. I attended french schooling my entire life. I took what I learned in grade school, and put it towards achieving my Bachelor of Arts degree from the Campus St.Jean/University of Alberta. Following, I earned my professional diploma in Public Relations. Any program that involved extensive writing, I signed up for it. Language Arts has always been a deep rooted passion of mine. I am so humbled by the amazing community of teachers, instructors, parents, and students that have entrusted me with their educational experiences! I continue to learn from our community, to keep optimizing what we offer. I look forward to continuing to grow our amazing Tutor Teach community." Lara Courtepatte offers genuine connection alongside helping students through these unprecedented times that have caused some academic and social setbacks through her company, TutorTeach. With over 100 instructors, they have an enormous range of classes to offer from grade 10 math to sewing skills to help students excel at whatever subject with which they're struggling. The company came to be very naturally, and it's all thanks (or no thanks) to the teacher Lara had in grade 6 that changed her forever. Listen to the full story in this week's episode of The Inner Circle! For more info on TutorTeach, visit

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