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Andrea Rice

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

North American Community Specialist For lululemon


Episode 34: It's Not What You Are Doing- It's Who You Are

Andrea Rice will not be defined or contained. A school teacher by trade, Andrea got clear on her own life vision and left to pursue a career that aligned with her values and dreams. Today she joins the Inner Circle to talk about what happens when we open up our own mind to the many opportunities that lay ahead, what it’s like to work at Lululemon and why she loves the company so much, and why a good nap is a beautiful thing.

What You’ll Hear in This Episode:

● Andrea’s inspirational reasons why we should embrace change and expansion within our own career.

● Why it’s more about who you are as a human being than a traditional skill set.

● How we can look at our value, vision, and goals and work back from there to be sure we are in alignment with our day to day lifestyle.

● Why it’s great to set goals, but also great to be open to them changing over time.

● Andrea’s own appreciation for hard work and education, values passed down to her from her parents.

● Andrea’s contagious belief that you will figure things out, so appreciate the small things in the meantime.

● Andrea’s takeaways from being a teacher, and the aspects of her job in which she thrived the most.

● How Andrea flipped the job search on finding a company she wanted to work for, and that alone was a game changer.

● Why our job or title now really is not a limitation for what we are able to accomplish in the future.

● Advice to those who are looking to sharpen their lens in the job search.

● How Andrea got her job at Lululemon and worked her way up to be Community Maven.

● What Andrea loves most about working at such a forward-thinking and collaborative company as Lululemon.

● Andrea’s own experience as a runner.

● What’s in store as we include the next generation in our workforce, and how it can benefit our work habits.


● “You create your legacy in your day- to- day.”

● “Your value and vision are in your gut, they aren’t outside yourself.”

● “I’m on a constant quest for knowledge and learning.”

● “There’s always going to be hard things, but you have a clear choice in how you show up in that.”

● “At lululemon I’ve never felt limited from a functional skill set.


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