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Bean Gill

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Entrepreneur, Accessibility & Inclusion Warrior

Episode 77: Respond, Don't React



This week’s guest, Bean, has a story that serves up a dose of reality like you’ve never heard before. She joins the Inner Circle to share the unbelievable events of bullying, love lost, and the physical trauma and recovery that changed her life forever. Bean talks about how she went from dealing with a new identity of life in a wheelchair and losing mobility to using her situation as a platform to help others through her ReYu Recovery Centre which she Co-Founded and currently runs.

What You’ll Hear in This Episode:

● Bean’s experience of growing up in a culture that had strict religious rules, and more about how she rebelled against the restrictions.

● How Bean got into becoming an X-ray technician, and the ways it opened her eyes to the good and bad aspects of healthcare in the country currently.

● Bean shares what it was like to be heavily bullied as a child, and how that plays into her mission now to welcome others and remind us we are all human.

● The crazy event in Las Vegas that changed everything in Bean’s life, and led her to finally stop and process her emotions.

● What Conversion Disorder is, and how our brain can be so powerful that it can literally shut down the body.

● How Bean took her health into her own hands, got the answers and help she needed, and maintained an attitude of gratitude, bravery, and courage.

● How Bean met her business partner Nancy, started the non-profit ReYu Paralysis Recovery Center with zero capital, and are now up to 131 clients.

● ReYu serves as a safe judgment-free place where people with disabilities can come and be accepted.

● What Bean wants us to know about how we really treat people with disabilities.


● “There are so many things wrong with our healthcare system. It’s good, but it’s not great.”

● “My life will always have challenges, and I will always face adversity more than the average citizen.”

● “There is a lesson in everything.”

● “I wish I had someone to help me through the dark times, and by sharing my story I can be there for others.”


Journey Into the Inner Circle:

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