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Blair Dorsey

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Entrepreneur, CEO, Lawyer, Stay at Home Mom

Episode 155: Blair Dorsey’s Journey from Lawyer, to CEO of a Multi-Million Dollar Business, to Stay at Home Mom


Blair Dorsey started her entrepreneurial career at the age of four when she would draw, make jewelry, or sell other trinkets to the captive audience that worked for her dad. While most kids enjoy taking a break during summer or other school days off, Blair would go to work with her dad and spend her day shadowing different department heads and coming up with business plans. Blair worked her way up in the company and was on the payroll by age eight.

Growing up with a father who taught, encouraged, and fostered an entrepreneurial mindset gave

Blair the foundation and drive to excel in school so that she could one day be a business leader herself. A California native, Blair grew up in Irvine and graduated top of her class from University High School. From there, Blair continued the family tradition of Trojans and studied at the University of Southern California. Not quite ready for the real world, Blair decided to further her education at Chapman University School of Law where she earned her JD and became a member of the California Bar a few months after graduation. Blair married her high school sweetheart, Donovan, the following May and a year later they started building their family.

Donovan and Blair moved to Las Vegas when their first son was one month old and took advantage of the fallen housing market by buying up to seven houses a day at the auction steps. Two and a half years and another son later the economy was on a rebound and the Dorsey’s were eager to return to California and to start their next business venture.

The Dream Junction is the brainchild of six family members: Dad, Brother Trevor, Aunt Jullie, Uncle Paul, Donovan, and Blair. With Blair leading the way as CEO, The Dream Junction grew from an idea to a multimillion-dollar company within a few short years. Today The Dream Junction does digital printing on textiles for some of the world’s largest e-commerce and brick-and-mortar stores. Chances are, if you have bought a shirt from a Facebook link or design-your-own site, The Dream Junction was behind the scenes doing both the printing and the fulfillment of your order.

With the internal need to constantly improve, innovate, and disrupt, Blair founded another company in 2016 that revolutionized the direct-to-garment printing industry with their invention of the OvalJet printer. The OvalJet is now powering The Dream Junction and has been the belle of the ball at printing and textile conventions world-wide. Today Blair, Donovan, their two sons (ages 6 and 7), and daughter (age 3) live in San Juan Capistrano and spend summers at their home on the lake in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

The Dream Junction has an office for the Dorsey kids as they beg to spend time at “the working shop”. Nothing could make Blair happier than continuing the tradition of working along side of her children and teaching them how to be business leaders themselves.

For more on Blair and her work, visit the Dream Junction website.

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