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Brent Hallock

Entrepreneur, Former Executive VP of Budget Blinds

Episode 158: Budget Blinds Founder Brent Hallock: Five friends Turn $5,000 into a $500 Million Business


In 1992, five young friends and entrepreneurs with a passion for building a unique niche in the home furnishings industry founded Budget Blinds. Brent Hallock, his twin brother Chad, Tony Forbes, Todd Jackson, and David Lewis banded together to dedicate themselves to the lifestyle they'd dreamed of. In the early years, they ran Budget Blinds out of a small apartment. By combining their industry experience and people skills, they pounded the pavement the old-fashioned way to grow the company into what it is today—America’s #1 window coverings franchise with over 1,000 consultants throughout the U.S. and Canada. When they finally decided to sell the company, it sold for $500 million.

With extensive knowledge and experience in the home improvement industry, each of the founders brought their individual strengths to the table and remained involved in the day-to-day operations. Brent dives into the story of the company's inception, the equal split attitude all the co-founders adopted, how the day-to-day work was handled, and so much more. He has remained humble, kind, and caring throughout this journey; money has not changed him. His gratitude is apparent, and his smiley demeanour is contagious, and he is one heck of a success story. Click here to watch the episode of Undercover Boss which features Budget Blinds, here is a Forbes article that highlights Brent and his friends who founded the company, and most fun of all, he has an IMDb page.

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