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Candace Toews

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Episode 100: Learning To Cope with Sudden and Inexplicable Tragedy To Help Others with Candace Toews


Today’s guest, Candace Toews, is sharing an incredible story of the sudden and unexplainable death of a little girl, told today by her very brave and courageous mother, and the inspiring story of how her dad is honoring her life.

Thank you for the interview and for trusting me with your story.

Let's start!


• 1:55 - We begin with Candace's background, family, depression, and the event that changed everything.

• 19:25 - Her other son was there; Candace recounts what he was doing at that moment, the friends who helped her, and how they managed it.

• 27:24 - As hard as it was, it was also inexplicable. Candace gives details of the tragic event, how they could process it, and Peter's illness.

• 36:15 - Candace attended her husband and her other son to get them through these events, but what about her? Candace explains how she handled these situations, what other tests were done to try to diagnose the strange occurrence, and how she feels.

• 44:34 - She also describes how Ben is coping with the event and what his plans are.

• 46:10 - The Freezing Father's Fundraiser is how Peter handled the event; he wanted to give back and help those in a similar situation.


• "Life as I knew it was so great."

• "That's just where my brain was."

• "They bought us an hour of time with her."

• "It went so fast."

• "It was the hardest thing he has ever done."

• "Lots of people loved her so much."

• "Our family was there; our friends were there."

• "I want to know what the heck happened."

• "It is his healing journey."

• "A parent wants to share those stories."


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