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Candy Palmater

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Actor, Writer, Columnist, International Speaker, Activist, Comedian and Multiple Award Winning TV and Radia Personality

Episode 90: Manifesting your next chapter with Candy Palmater.


After the COVID outbreak and everything strange happening around it, I think it's safe to say that all of us would benefit from some laughter in our lives, after all, it is the best medicine.

My guest today knows all about the importance of laughter as she discovered its power when she left her career as a lawyer and followed her passion of being a comedian.

She has also been deeply affected by the crisis as all of her bookings have been cancelled, and now she is trying to map out a new normal as we all are.

Sit back and enjoy the free show, the insights and the hilarity throughout this conversation! 

I'm so glad to welcome the one and only Candy Palmater to The Inner Circle.

Let's dig in!

What You’ll Hear in This Episode:

  • 7:54 - We start with Candy's powerful story, and the learnings she gained throughout her journey. The power of knowing what you want and how to get it.

  • 19:24 - After her first show ––and a standing ovation from the multitude––, Candy knew what her gift to the world was, she stepped away from law and started her new journey.

  • 22:47 - Candy's father suffered from extreme alcoholism until one painful incident occurred, after that he decided to quit for good and become a better person and father. 

  • 29:11 - Being indigenous can be a challenge; racism can emerge from anyone, even your family; but Candy was able to manage it and honour her roots.

  • 33:05 - One of the most challenging things Candy had to do was recognising who she really was and left her toxic boyfriend. Fortunately, it was one of the best decisions she made as she found a new partner and a more suitable connection to help her through tough situations.

  • 40:37 - After so many hard circumstances, her comedy career exploded as she even got her TV show, Candy shares her experience and journey.

  • 51:46 - Fast forward to today, Candy describes what her future looks like, what are her upcoming projects and dreams to accomplish.


  • "She is going to be wonderment in the world."

  • "When you are raised being told that, it's such a gift."

  • "Life should turn you on in some way."

  • "When I was still a lawyer, I started telling people I was a comedian, and I had never told a joke in public before... And I was 32 years old."

  • "Maybe your job is to be a bridge."

  • "You have to learn to love what is good for you."

  • "It was a beautiful moment to look at my siblings and say she was there when we all took our first breath, and we were all here when she took her last."

  • "You have to be your own best salesperson."

  • "It has to end because I have to be open now for the next chapter."

  • "Understand there are a lot of missteps along the way, there're a lot of fallings down, but the point of it is to figure out what is success for you."

  • "Don't sit down on your couch and wonder; you got to try it!"

  • “Whatever it is that tickles your funny bone, you need to look for that right now.”


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