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Carla Buchberger

Stylist on How to Keep a Chic Wardrobe

Episode 196: Carla Buchberger: Keeping Style Simple

Stylist Carla Buchberger, a longtime friend of the podcast, joins the Inner Circle once again to chat about all things fashion. From trends, to body types, to sizing and more, Carla deep-dives into how to make a great, sensible outfit, and what makes a closet truly functional. Tips such as multi-dimensional pieces, layering, cost-effective hacks, and more are covered in this week's episode. Look great without busting your brain and check out this episode! You won't regret it!

Carla is the wife of NHL coach Kelly Buchberger; they are a dynamic Edmonton power couple with such an interesting history. Find out more by listening to the whole podcast!

For more on Carla, check out her social media at: @whocareswear on Twitter and CarlaBuchberger on Pinterest.

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