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Carol Leaman

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Co-Founder & CEO of Axonify

Episode 41: Why Not You



Carol Leaman is a disruptor, serial entrepreneur, award-winning thought leader, and is known as “the woman who turned down a fabulous job at Google”. She is the CEO of Axonify Inc., a Microlearning platform, and is one of Canada’s Most Influential Female Entrepreneurs. She shares her perspective on what it’s like to be the one leading people, embracing our power as women, and what we need to get better at in leadership.

What You’ll Hear in This Episode:

● Yes, even tech experts are real people, and you will see how.

● Where Carol’s tech interest emerged from, and the path that led her to be CEO of an

early stage tech company.

● How she spoke her intentions loudly from a young age, and how we can start to use our

words and declarations to manifest our visions.

● Why Carrie refers to Carol as the “Martha Stewart of the tech world.”

● That women have come into their power, and women question their own abilities much

less than they used to.

● That it starts with the belief that you are capable and worthy of sharing your story and

using your voice.

● How Carol got deliberate about choosing her travel and managing her time to be present

at both work and home.

● The highly risky decision to turn down Google, and the lesson of doing what makes you

happy and believing in yourself.

● What Axonify is, and they use three core cognitive principles to turn a few minutes a day

into a team’s long term success.

● Examples of how Axonify had a massive impact on a company’s ROI, behavior change

and safety.

● What’s next for Carol both personally and at Axonify.

● Why Carol feels so strongly about being a mentor, and her advice for entrepreneurs.

● That taking as much money as you can at first is definitely not the name of the game and

other takeaways that are crucial to success.


● “Even if you run a tech company, you can still struggle with technology.”

● “Start believing in yourself, and that you don’t need to be anybody other than who you


● “I’m a huge risk taker in many ways, and I come from a belief and confidence in myself.”

● “You will have many ideas, so don’t work at something for 4-5 years that is going


● “You need sheer intestinal fortitude to be an entrepreneur.”

● “Spend your money wisely.”


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