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Carol Todd

Educator, Advocate, Devoted Parent, Leader for Social Change

Episode 190: Carol Todd: Sharing Amanda's Story in Hopes of Educating Parents

Carol Todd has impacted the world as an educator, an advocate, a parent and a leader for social change in speaking openly about the bullying, cyberbullying, exploitation and the mental health challenges that Amanda went through. In 2012, Carol’s daughter Amanda took her own life at the age of 15, following the posting of a YouTube video that detailed the sextortion and exploitation she endured via an international predator and then the severe harassment that came from her peers (online and offline). From this place of tragedy, Carol has found that by sharing Amanda’s story, she could help others.

In memory of her daughter who took her life in response to cyberbullying and online exploitation, Carol founded the Amanda Todd Legacy Society to create further awareness surrounding these important issues that many young people are facing around the world. She currently speaks internationally about her experience, as well as her daughter’s struggles with bullying, cyber abuse, online victimization, and mental health, to empower youth and adults with strategies and resources to address these social issues.

“Making a difference by sharing Amanda’s tragic story is important to me as her mother and encourages me, through her voice to prevent others from going through what Amanda went did.” Carol has become a voice of global change and advocacy and is driven by her passion and leadership to change the mindset behind negative behaviours and the challenging barriers of stigma by sharing Amanda’s story. THE AMANDA TODD LEGACY SOCIETY

The Amanda Todd Legacy is a non-profit society that focuses on awareness and the well-being of all individuals. The Legacy has a strong focus on prevention and awareness related to bullying, cyberabuse, digital safety and exploitation. Resources encouraged mental health and wellness are also shared on the Legacy website.

Campaigns of awareness and outreach to both young people and adults are of primary importance. We have presented globally to public schools, colleges, universities, community events, conferences with attendees in focus areas of which may include law enforcement, social work, psychology and mental health with an overall goal of empowerment, safety and wellness. October 10th is also World Mental Health Day globally and the date that Amanda died by suicide. Each year on this date, a campaign driven by the Legacy entitled ‘Light Up Purple’ whereby landmarks across the world are asked to shine a purple light on mental health awareness lives on each year since her death.

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