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Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Professional Moderator & Executive Speaking Coach

Episode 001: Welcome to the Inner Circle with Carrie Doll



Carrie and her Inner Circle team could not be more excited to welcome you to the first episode of The Inner Circle with Carrie Doll. On today’s show, Carrie opens up on how she got into broadcast journalism, her real and vulnerable story on motherhood, and the challenges she encountered along the way. Carrie’s first love has always been, and will always be the interview. Join in as others share their powerful and brilliant insights with Carrie, and she shares that brilliance with you, in the Inner Circle.

What You’ll Hear in This Episode

  • A big welcome to the family and the Inner Circle community.

  • What you can expect from The Inner Circle podcast interviews.

  • A new side of Carrie you may have never seen before.

  • How Carrie discovered her own voice and her passion for inspiring others to speak their truth.

  • The principles Carrie isolated she knew she needed in a career - something that would utilize her strong writing and speaking skills, to be part of a team, and a new challenge every day.

  • How she broke into her first broadcast journalism job.

  • How she met her (awesome, wise, and fantastic) husband Stephen.

  • The authentic and vulnerable story of Carrie’s journey into motherhood.

  • Carrie’s emotional and tough decision to leave CTV, and how she decided to pursue a path of entrepreneurship.

  • The different sense of accomplishment and flexibility that public speaking coaching gave her, and her family.

  • The raw, emotional, and cathartic story of Carrie’s past health issues, a rare water sports accident, and profound grief of losing her beloved mother.


  • “Never allow unfair critics to get you down.”

  • “When you volunteer your time, you always get back more than you give.”

  • “It’s okay not to be okay. Just talk about it.”

  • “My first love will always be the interview.”

  • “We need to do what we ask of others to do.”


Journey Into the Inner Circle:

@CarrieADoll - Twitter

Carrie Doll - Facebook


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3 則留言

Susan Clark
Susan Clark

It was very brave of Carrie to share such intimate details of her personal life. She brought tears to my eyes with her candor. Thank you.


Clint Moar

Great to hear this story Carrie. Meeting you in-person has made it feel more powerful. I shared a very personal story of my daughter's birth on my public blog and understand how hard it is to share the intimate details (though, I don't have the huge viewership you have.) I also want to mention that I've been born with large, round thumbs that make it difficult to text! People laugh at me as I "one finger type"...Just thought you should know...Thanks so much and look forward to the other helpful podcasts, which by the way are for men entrepreneurs too!



What an inspiring and thoughtful podcast. Carrie is a true professional with a gift to bring out the heart of those she talks too.

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