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Carrie Doll

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Host of The Inner Circle Podcast, Public Speaking Coach & Professional Emcee

Episode 62: Vulnerability, Growth, and Starting Before You Are Ready



As Carrie reflects on the year anniversary of The Inner Circle podcast launching, she has much to be grateful for and celebrate. Amazingly open and interesting guests, a team far more supportive than she could ever imagine, and lessons learned beyond her wildest dreams. She imparts the wisdom she has learned from jumping off the cliff into this new world, falling a few times, and getting up again. Carrie talks about the massive discovery about her “why”, the power of vulnerability, taking the first step (even when you are 60% ready) and what she would recommend to those also looking to take a leap of faith in their own lives.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

● What prompted Carrie to start this podcast, and how her expectations have been more than exceeded with the guests and experiences so far within this past year.

● A few of the many stand out guests that bravely shared their story, and in turn, made us able to feel that it was okay for us to do the same.

● You are ready to launch your business when you are 60% there. We know, that can be scary when you are a linear thinker, planner, and care about the details!

● What challenges Carrie has pulled through in her first year of launching her own business and podcast including navigating the social media game.

● A special shout out to the dream team that makes it all happen, and who Carrie couldn’t do it without. Her husband Stephen, Haley, Carolyn Jen, and Anne.

● You don’t need a degree to succeed. Only 19% of entrepreneurs actually have a business degree, and Carrie isn’t one of them. What does matter is a burning desire in your soul and a passion to make a difference!

● Courage and vulnerability are at the center of all meaningful experiences.

● Take the first step. One decision is all it takes to change the path of your life.

● The voice inside will keep popping up. It’s relentless. Listen.

● The first step is the scariest, it’s also the game-changer.

● Share your story with the world. It needs and deserves to be heard! You are worthy!

● When you allow yourself to be seen, the world will open up to you.


● “This vulnerability has changed who I am, and what I do.”

● “Vulnerability and I have become friends. Really good friends.”

● “Share your story. You are worthy of it.”

● “Take the first step. One decision is all it takes to make a difference.”


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