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Carrie Doll

Your Host of The Inner Circle

Episode 158: This is 50!


On this very special bonus episode of The Inner Circle, I have some things to share with you. It's my 50th birthday! I’ve completed another trip around the sun and as I do, it’s time for me to embrace a new decade. Friends.. this is 50!

I compiled 10 lessons from my 5 decades on Earth to share with you all. Here are some things I know now that I may not have known then.

Ten Lessons from Carrie Doll:

Age is Just a Number.

Your Health is Your Wealth; Treat Your Body With Respect.

Create Your Reality.

Communication is Our Most Important Skill: Talk About the Tough Stuff in a Relationship.

Time is Our Most Precious Commodity.

Are You Living Your Passion?

Education Comes in All Different Forms.

Practice Gratitude.

Tell People You Love Them.

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