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Chantal Cabaj

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Entrepreneur, Lawyer, Chairman of DirectHer

Episode 162: Earn A Board Position! Chantel Cabaj from DirectHer Tells You How


Lawyer turned entrepreneur, advocate and community builder, mom and wife, Chantel works to make complex things easy to understand and inclusive by listening to, learning from and connecting to other people. She is an educator who is driven by empowering others through knowledge, facilitating discussion and creating community.

In this episode, Chantel breaks down the fundamentals of why a diverse group of people makes for the best team in a board room, the three pillars that DirectHer focuses on to build great leaders, and some of the shortcomings that women are still faced with when trying to participate on a board, whether it's a non-for-profit, for-profit, or serving on a committee.

For more on Chantel and her work with DirectHer, visit their website, or follow her on LinkedIn.or on Twitter.

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