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Chau Lui

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Co-owner of Paris Jewellers

Episode 83: Importance of leadership and identifying the values that drive your business forward


Chau Lui to talk about the importance of leadership and identifying the values that drive your business forward. As the co-owner of the luxury brand Paris Jewellers - Official Page, she has helped to grow and scale the family business from their first store in St. Albert to 26 locations across four provinces with over 230 employees.

Her parents had a dream and it started with a dictionary. Armed with a Vietnamese-to-English dictionary and studying in the evenings for her ESL classes, Chau’s mother Thu, the matriarch of this young family, so genuinely cared for her customers that no one minded taking an extra moment to support her with translations.

Now Chau and her sister Trang head up this beloved brand. Their success has been built with grace, kindness and hard work.

“Having values really determines who we hire, who we work with.” ~Chau

This conversation drives home the importance of core values in leadership and how they can make or break the success of your team. At Paris Jewellers their values of gratitude, sincerity, kindness, and having a can-do attitude are upheld every day and have ensured the success they have achieved is in alignment with the way they want to show up in business and in life.

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