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Christine Aziz

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Actor, Singer& Assault Survivor

Episode 016: Courage in Vulnerability


Christine Aziz is a brilliant Actor, Singer, Producer, and Writer in the New York area. Today, she joins Carrie to share the extremely personal and emotional story of finding strength and courage after a tragedy. Christine openly tells the story of an attack that happened to her one night in NYC, and her journey along the way to find healing and justice not only for herself, but others in the same position. She talks about why there is power in our vulnerability, empowerment in our darkest moments, and even a broader and richer life than we may have ever imagined.

What You’ll Hear in This Episode:

● The magical energy of Brooklyn that pulled Christine from Canada to New York, and why she connects with the buzz of the city and its people.

● Christine’s experience of being attacked one night, and left with nothing but good friends around to rally and help her get back on her feet.

● Why Christine believes humanity is still good, and there are “more good apples than bad apples in the Big Apple.”

● When Christine felt like when she found out her attacker and gone after another victim, and her mission to bring them both justice.

● The trial and legal proceedings of her case, along with why she decided to attend the trial but not read her statement or connect with her attacker.

● What made Christine share her story on social media, and the emotional response she got back from her network.

● The powerful feeling of knowing her attacker was sentenced for 21 years, and her story mattered, and was heard.

● Resources that Christine found helpful for support and healing.

● Her play that came about by the inspiration of Beatrice Lillie, the Canadian-born British

actress, singer and comedic performer.

● Christine’s hilarious and impressive accents.


● “I’m lucky to have great friends.”

● “I wanted do whatever I could to help catch this guy.”

● “Sometimes bad guys do get caught, and victims get a sense of closure.”

● “I have a mission now. I want to help others to get some sort of justice. We all deserve


● There are resources available at your fingertips.

● “I was able to find the silver lining by embracing the good people I met and the good

results that came out of my experience.”

● “Life is a gift, and we owe it to ourselves to keep going and recognize the good people.”


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