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Ciara McCormack

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Former Professional Soccer Player & Founder of Topp Soccer and GirlsCan Football

Episode 45: When the Truth Breaks Free


Description: Ciara McCormack enters The Inner Circle this week to talk about the scandal that swept the news regarding Canada Soccer and the Vancouver Whitecaps, and how she was at the center of this national firestorm. Ciara shares the details of the scandal itself and describes to us how she did all the right things, used her voice for years, and still, no one listened. She then found the courage and inner strength to go live and publish her blog, recounting all the details and her truth, and finally, people started to take action. Ciara gives advice and resources for others who have a story to share and helps us see why it’s so important to be an advocate for those who feel trapped or taken advantage of.

What You’ll Hear in This Episode:

● Ciara’s background in soccer and the path led her to play for the Vancouver Whitecaps.

● How Ciara and her teammates had their passion and trust turn into a very inappropriate and frightening situation.

● The details of the scandal, and how Ciara was coached by a man that made them feel the only way to success was to go along with his very abusive ways.

● What it feels like for Ciara to finally have her emotions recognized and validated by others.

● Why it was tough for the players to step up and say anything, knowing they would lose so much that they worked hard and sacrificed for, along with their chance to play for the National Team.

● When she hit her breaking point and knew she needed to say something for herself and all the girls that were affected by the scandal.

● The heartbreaking moments of betrayal, false promises, and neglect that Ciara endured from the community and professionals in the league.

● Her very real and intense fears surrounding going public with her story

● The overwhelming support and gratitude she was met with once she released her story into the world and published her blog.

● How soccer fan groups started protesting and walking out of Whitecap games, and what that really meant to her.

● The idealization around high-level sports, and why we need to hold people accountable no matter what their status or profession.

● Her advice to others for someone potentially in the same position.

● How her company Topp Soccer helps others realize there is not just one pathway to achieve your goals and opportunities.


● “It’s been a lesson in channeling energy towards its best use.”

● “You don’t have the words or the framework, you just know what’s going on isn’t right.”

● “It was the cards I was dealt, and I was going to not let it destroy me.”

● “I don’t think society was ready to hear it.”

● “Enough is enough with this stuff.”

● “I would rather live authentically than trying to control anything to happen.”

● “I felt such a weight off my shoulders that the story had finally been heard.”

● “It’s so important to help others speak their truth.”


Journey Into the Inner Circle:

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