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Claire Theaker-Brown

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Director & Founder of Unbelts, Promoter of Social Responsibility in Fashion

Episode 116: A Simple Need Turned Into a Brilliant Business with Claire Theaker-Brown


Edmonton, Alberta-born Claire Theaker-Brown founded Unbelts in 2011 with two ambitions: creating quality jobs for under-employed seamstresses in her Shanghai neighbourhood, and perfecting pant-fit for people of all shapes.

Through bootstrapping, lean growth, and unwavering advocacy for supply chain transparency, she has overseen Unbelts’ evolution from solo-preneurship to wholesale distribution across North America, with e-commerce sales worldwide. Unbelts was one of Canada's first apparel-industry B Corporations and has been featured by ELLE, The View, CBC's Dragons' Den, and others.

This week, Claire gives us her insight on the concept of staying busy, following your heart when you have a dream, knowing in your heart you will not fail, the dynamic of being a mother while also owning and running a business, and so much more. Claire is a funny, hardworking, kind hearted person whose story will not only inspire you, but make you want to adapt some of the characteristics that has made her successful: her spontaneity, passion, generosity, inclusivity in the workplace and on the shelves, and living out her company's messages through her actions each day is marvellous to watch and emulate.

Claire lives in Edmonton with her husband Car land two young kiddos, Penelope and Theo.

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