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Courtney Buhler

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Founder & Owner of Sugar Lash

Episode 74: Challenges Lead to Success and Growth



Courtney Buhler, CEO, and owner of the now huge brand Sugarlash Pro, has gone from servicing fifty people a day in her basement, to running a global success of a business with over 60,000 lash professionals in her community. Courtney joins The Inner Circle to talk about how she built her empire, what wisdom she can share from owning and learning from mistakes, the difference that great eyelashes really make, and Sugarlash’s new partnership with Ulta Beauty. Courtney is also extremely vulnerable and shares how success and money really changed her personal life, and that it’s more than okay to embrace your “weird normal”, learn by trial and error, and truly own your voice.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

● Courtney’s family moved 13 times while she was growing up, and this gave her the valuable lesson to appreciate the reason, season, or lesson that people play in your life.

● As a young tomboy, Courtney realized that she didn’t need beauty to feel confident and powerful, but instead she truly loved it and really had fun with creating transformations for herself and others.

● How Courtney’s son literally saved her life and the mindset shift that changed everything and helped her get out and heal from a toxic relationship.

● Courtney fell in love with lashes so much that she would clean her consultant’s house in trade for an application. She also took it upon herself to gain an outstanding education, and understand the business from the outside in.

● Courtney shares what she learned not only about building a business from the ground up but how important it is to surround yourself with people that have your greatest interest in their hearts.

● How Courtney and her family went from a “Sugarshack” and around the clock appointments in their basement to a giant company in 89 countries with over 60,000 lash artists in their community.

● Courtney did her own market research and took that information to launch training with a 200-page manual she constructed on her own.

● We can honor the way we think and process, even if it’s having a bathtub to work, like Courtney!

● Why Courtney hasn’t moved full time to New York or Los Angeles, and why she is SO proud to live and do business in Edmonton.

● How Courtney keeps her children grounded while still educating them on the opportunities within the world through travel.


● “People are in your life for a reason, season, or lifetime.”

● “I had never felt so transformed by a beauty service.”

● “Don’t lie, own your mistakes. No one expects perfection, but I expect honesty.”

● “Mistakes are such powerful lessons. We learn so much more when we screw up.”

● “Anything I develop and create, I get to see it in thousands of people’s eyes.”

● “Anything I’m doing needs to be world-class.”

● “If you believe in yourself and your vision, there is no telling where you can go.”

● “Every hard time is the means to the next chapter.”


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