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Daryl McIntyre

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Television News Anchor, Auctioneer and Voice Talent

Episode 101: A Conversation with Daryl McIntyre: My television co-anchor of 14 years about stories we covered, challenges of journalism today and life beyond the news desk.

It is fitting that Daryl enters the Inner Circle after this show has eclipsed 101 episodes and Daryl embarks his post-CTV journey. Daryl's last day at CTV Edmonton was September 18, 2019.

In this episode, we sit down and go right back to the beginning of Daryl's television career. We learned that his first broadcast job was in radio playing music, but soon after progressed to television news.

He also told us about how he landed the coveted job at CFRN Television and some of the many people he worked alongside including Daphne Kuhn, Leslie Miller, Shauna Randolph and myself. 

This is also the first time Daryl went into detail about his departure from CTV. Many people have asked me if he was pushed or  if he left via his own volition. Daryl answers that question. 

Fittingly, Daryl was enjoying some downtime in the backyard when we were recording this episode, and he has now shifted to doing work ranging from auctioneering to voice work and emceeing events. You can reach out to Daryl through his website to find out more. 

Journey Into the Inner Circle:

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