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Don Petasky

Updated: Nov 12, 2021


Episode 73: Surround Yourself With Great People



This week, Carrie expands the inner circle of her family and invites her beloved father in law, Don Petasky, on the show. Don shares his personal stories that exemplify exceeding against all odds, the power of family, and the impact of young love. He also shares what it was really like to grow up raising Carrie’s husband and partner in life, Stephen, and the wisdom he gained from running his own business and working closely with family with The Luxus Group.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

● The accident that Don’s father had that impacted his life in both the most severe and eventually positive way, and how his father’s attitude about it all showed him what perseverance and perspective really were.

● The beautiful love story of Don and his wife Nancy, and the secrets behind their marriage of over 40 years.

● What it was like for Don and Nancy to be young parents, and how they raised Stephen and his sister to value hard work and contribute to running the household as a family team.

● What having two physically handicapped parents taught Don about not limiting your success due to your situation.

● Stephen’s sister, Ashley, is a true Christmas Miracle!

● Don’s wisdom from running a business, and what he wished he knew back then.

● The importance of clear roles and responsibility when working closely with family.

● More about The Luxus Group, a Luxury Real Estate Private Equity Group, and how Don found the path to this endeavor.


● “You never know how it’s all going to end up.”

● “We grew up with our kids, and all had to figure it out together.”

● “When you have good people around you, it’s funny how much easier it is.”

● “Communication is number one.”

● “Surrounding yourself with good people makes life way easier.”


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