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Doug Campbell

Author, Mentor, Bilateral Amputee

Episode 165: Living for Others with Doug Campbell


Doug Campbell is a bilateral amputee, and has been for 5 years now. Doug's ultimate goal is to reach out to as many amputees both new and seasoned to let them know that support and resources are available. He has self authored an amputee resource book for those new amputees to better understand the stages they will go through, answer questions they have and provide resource links to many helpful organizations. He has also teamed up with the War Amps of Canada to access all their free resources as well. Most recently Doug has incorporated a Foundation: MARAA, Mentors and Resources for Amputees of Alberta. This foundation will provide 24/7 support, mentorship and resources either pre surgery or immediately after surgery. The funds will be used to supply orthopaedic hospital units, clinics and prosthetist offices with awareness posters and initial resource package from the MARAA Foundation. Having this Foundation to be able to do its work will allow perhaps thousands of amputees the offering of support before and after surgery, which to this point, is not happening at all. Doug's bravery, candid nature, and supportive attitude makes this an episode full of heartwarming, inspiring takes on life. Doug has taken his situation in stride, and fulfilled himself by being a helpful resource to others. His strength, compassion, and drive are truly awe-inspiring. For more on Doug or to connect with him, visit the MARAA website.

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