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Dr. Emily Splichal

Podiatrist & Human Movement Specialist

Episode 185: Dr. Emily Splichal: How Caring for Your Feet Impacts Your Overall Health

Dr. Emily Splichal, Podiatrist and Human Movement Specialist, is the mind behind Naboso. With a spirit to challenge conformity, Dr. Splichal has taken her conventional Podiatric Medical degree and combined it with years of experience and expertise in human movement and sensory science to found Naboso.

Dr. Splichal believes that our experience in this world is built around sensory stimulation and our ability to process, perceive, and integrate this information effectively. Since 2012, Dr. Splichal has been traveling the world to share her unique approach to human movement, foot function, and barefoot science. Having taught in 35 countries and to 20,000 professionals, Dr. Splichal has quickly become a global leader in barefoot training and rehabilitation.

The concept behind Naboso and its proprioceptive products came from Dr. Splichal's global travels and the realization that little has changed as far as surface science and insole design. To date, most of the focus has been on minimal footwear and barefoot training. However, what our feet are touching is just as important as switching our shoes or going minimal.

This led to the evolution of a material that could stimulate the nerves in our feet, allowing us to get even more out of human function and performance. The potential applications of enhanced foot sensory stimulation are limitless. From optimizing a child's sensory stimulation during their peak window of neuroplasticity to rehabbing an athlete who just suffered a concussion, Dr. Splichal is ready to impact the world and share her passion for the belief that #LifeIsSensory. Use code: innercircle for 20% off naboso products at

For more on Dr. Splichal, visit her website, or follow her on Instagram, Facebook, or Youtube.

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