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Dr. Lisa Korus

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Assistant Clinical Professor with the Department of Surgery at the UofA & Site Chief of Plastic Surgery at the Grey Nuns Hospital

Episode 97: Perspective from a leading Plastic Surgeon with Dr. Lisa Korus


Today, we are getting an insider's perspective on the science behind breast reconstructive surgery and breast implant illness.    

My guest today, Dr. Lisa Korus, is a leading Plastic Surgeon in Alberta.

She runs a full surgical practice focusing on breast surgery, aiming to improve surgical outcomes through her reconstructive breast surgery research in Alberta. 

It’s an honour to have Dr. Lisa Korus step into The Inner Circle.

Let's dig in!

What You’ll Hear in This Episode:

  • 4:13 - As the COVID outbreaks continue, we keep living in a strange world. Dr. Lisa brings us up to date on where her Practice is at and her perspective of the COVID world.

  • 10:08 - We celebrate the first female plastic surgeon hired in the plastic surgery division of the university Alberta in its over 50-years! Lisa tells her story, her interest in the profession, what it was like to go to John Hopkins, and the intensity of medical school.

  • 15:49 - When Lisa declared that she was going to be a plastic surgeon, it went well until some people ––male and female surgeons–– told her that it wasn't a career specialty for a woman.

  • 18:19- Any woman can relate that trying to fit in in any industry is hard; we face many challenges during our journey. Lisa shares the misogyny she had to endure from women and men during her training, and how she is trying to be better.

  • 25:26 - Being a female plastic surgeon is different. Dr. Korus explains her experience.

  • 28:07 - Dr. Korus explains Breast Reconstruction, why she took it as her specialty; what a mastectomy is, how it impacts self-esteem, what implants are, how they work, and the risks associated with it.

  • 37:02 - Breast Implant Illness is a problem causing a lot of issues. Dr. Lisa shares her professional perspective about it, some of the symptoms, the research and studies, and the commonalities around those who are affected.

  • 43:43 - Implants don't last for an entire life, Dr. Lisa explains when someone should check theirs, what are the different implants, the history behind them, the pros and cons of each and what is the best age to start screening.

  • 49:50 - Lisa does some mommy makeovers to help women in need; she reveals some of the most asked questions.

  • 51:10 - Living our dream life is different for each person; Lisa shares what her present and future look like and else is in her bucket list.


  • "It's just nice to help those women complete their journey."

  • "To do high-quality research takes time."

  • "You also have to have a drive that at the end of the day, you just want to do better."

  • "I didn't have a backup plan."

  • "We didn't connect at that level."

  • "I think I bring a different level of empathy for my patients."

  • "It's their body, and so they should have control to do that."

  • "You could be walking around and not knowing it."

  • "If you want something badly enough, don't listen when somebody tells you no."


Lisa Korus - Website

@drlisakorus - Instagram

Journey Into the Inner Circle:

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