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Dr. Seth Heckman


Episode 166: Sleep Apnea & Its Affect on Women's Health with Dr. Seth Heckman


Dr. Seth Heckman is an Obstetrician/Gynecologist. He studied at Boston College, went to Medical School at Rutgers University, and did his Residency at University of New Mexico. He is a carpenter, outdoorsman, cook, gardener, mushroom hunter, brewer, dog lover, and a full time husband and father. From his upbringing and medical education in the suburbs of New York City, his career has taken him all over the world including the Navajo Nation, the Mayo Clinic, and even the remote Himalayas. He is currently settled with his wife and two sons in Edmonton, Alberta where he does first nations outreach, has a small private practice, and serves on a medical advisory board to Vivos Therapeutics. Dr. Heckman is devoted to seeking long term practical solutions to the problems that plague us - whether those solutions lie within traditional medical practice or not.

In this episode, Dr. Heckman covers a topic you may have never heard an OBGYN talk about: sleep apnea. Dr. Heckman explains how sleep apnea affects the body, especially pregnant women's bodies; how the topic is not often brought up at the doctor's office because women aren't sure what or how to ask; how, commonly, doctors don't often think of it as a potential problem when women come to them with symptoms like fatigue, cardiovascular concerns, and much more. There are now many ways to get a sleep test, including the common CPAP test. If any listeners are looking for resources for themselves or others who suspect they may have sleep apnea, or for more information on the topic, click here to visit the Canadian CPAP website.

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