Ellen Latham

    Partner & Founder of Orangetheory Fitness

    Episode 008: What Happens When You Believe in Yourself

    Inner Circle Podcast 008: What Happens When You Believe In Yourself


    Ellen Latham is a perfect example of “never say never”. She took a vision she had in her mind, and a love of helping people become happy and healthy, and created a billion dollar business. Today, she shares her journey of going from a single mom fired from her job, to opening her own fitness center, to creating Orangetheory Fitness, a company that changed the fitness industry and created a colorful new category. She also shares some top level fitness insight, how she overcomes moments of self doubt, and why she will never give up a delicious bowl of spaghetti.

    What You’ll Hear in This Episode:

    ● Ellen’s background in fitness and health, and the impact her parents had on her winning mindset.

    ● Yes, even Ellen has mornings she doesn’t want to get up and workout. Find out how she gets out of bed to rise and conquer.

    ● Ellen’s very own fitness regime, eating plan, and the different modalities and moderations she does to switch it up.

    ● The fateful day Ellen got let go from her job, and the details she still remembers decades later.

    ● How her father instilled his sports psychology of momentum shifting to be resilient, grateful and proactive.

    ● The societal shift in mindset and mentorship of women in business over the recent generations that Ellen has witnessed.

    ● How Ellen made the giant leap from giving one on one lessons, opening a pilates studio and opening “Ellen’s Ultimate Workout”.

    ● The way Ellen brought in cutting edge science to design workouts that get proven results in an entire new category.

    ● Why Ellen turned away her first offer to franchise!

    ● The lessons Ellen learned in not being able to “Ellen-ize” every studio, and the need to

    create design templates that could be followed successfully.

    ● That asking for help and support is a display of strength, not a sign weakness.

    ● The wonderful and unique culture that Orangetheory creates in every studio, with every


    ● The importance of mixing human contact with modern technology in business, and how

    Orangetheory balances both.

    ● Why women shouldn’t be afraid of weight lifting!

    ● What’s next for Orangetheory, and Ellen both personally and professionally.

    ● Ellen’s advice for female entrepreneurs looking to truly live their best life: believe in your

    potential, find your purpose, stick with your people.


    ● “Create your “why”, and you gain clarity and motivation.”

    ● “I’m Italian, so carbs are something we will never give up.”

    ● “Focus on what you do have and your talents, know your worth.”

    ● “When I hear a problem, I look for solutions. That’s just who I am.”

    ● “You have to believe in your potential one thousand percent.”

    ● “Take advantage of the colorful thinking of women. It will add to your business.”

    ● “I’m going to leave a legacy of changing and improving the world.”

    ● “You find great happiness when you find your purpose in life.”


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