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Emily Salsbury

Founder & Creative Director of EMMYDEVEAUX

Episode 169: Fashion That Comes From Resilience with Emily Salsbury

Emily has carefully crafted her reputation as a strategic leader in the retail & real estate industry.

Her most recent project has been the launch of EMMYDEVEAUX, the fashion brand in 2018.

She continues to disrupt the industry through testing new ideas and working with strategic partners.

It is her goal to change the relationship people have with themselves through the power of clothing.

Emily's confidence comes from a surefire knowing of who she is, what she brings to the table, and her power. It's amazing to listen to her speak on any topic; she is wise, kind, bold, and funny to boot. Emily really is a force, and someone we can look up to as a brilliant leader, friend, and trend setter.

For more on Emily, visit the EMMYDEVEAUX website, or follow them on Instagram, or LinkPop.

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