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Erin Davis

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Connector, Change Maker, Builder of Inclusive Workplace Cultures

Episode 115: How to have Conversations about Diversity and Inclusion with Erin Davis


This week, it is our pleasure to welcome Erin Davis to The Inner Circle. Erin is a connector, change maker, and builder of inclusive workplace cultures. She continues to follow her passion to build workplaces that work for women and is the Director of Corporate Engagement in Western Canada with Catalyst.

Prior to joining Catalyst, Erin was the Director of Global Total Engagement at Stantec and led their global inclusion strategy. She was honoured to receive both the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion award as D&I Practitioner of the Year in Western Canada, as well as the Catalyst Canada Honours award in the Emerging Leader category for her work in the diversity and inclusion space in 2018. Outside her organization, Erin is the chair of the Edmonton Business Diversity Network (EBDN), a director with Explore Edmonton, and a founding member of Works for Women, a group that is committed to sparking dialogue, building awareness, and inspiring action when it comes to seeing more women in leadership.

Erin currently lives in Edmonton with her two amazing children and also teaches them about a world where inclusion truly matters.

For more on Erin and Catalyst's work for women in the workplace, check out Catalyst's website, or visit Erin's page on LinkedIn.

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