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Erin Smandych

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Transformational Health & Mindset Coach

Episode 014: Trusting your Instincts with Food


Today we talk about a subject that many of us love, but may also have some struggles with - food. Eating to fuel and nourish our bodies can have a profound effect on both our inner and outer wellness, but many of us have limiting beliefs surrounding eating and struggled for years with yo-yo dieting and the latest health fads. Our guest today is here to make it simple and yes, even fun. Erin Smandych is a self described “nutrition nerd”. She blends her background as a Culinary Nutrition Expert and Coach, to mentor many clients across Canada and Europe. Erin empowers us today by openly sharing her own journey with food, how she helps others shift their mindset surrounding health and wellness, and gives us the top three changes we can take on to have a dramatic effect on our well being.

What You’ll Hear in This Episode:

● Despite all her credentials, Erin has had her own struggles with her relationship with food. She is open and honest about her past feelings of anxiety and guilt with food to show others that they aren’t alone or broken in this area.

● How Erin got into holistic nutrition, became a Culinary Nutrition Expert and then finally shifted to equate food truly as fuel for our bodies.

● The limiting beliefs Erin sees most when working with her clients, and the ways they show up to block us from reaching our highest potential.

● What trusting yourself and tuning into your instincts really means when it comes to eating.

● How to handle cravings, and when to know if your body is needing something or just playing tricks on you!

● The psychological impact that happens when we stress, and ways we can break the chronic pattern of fight or flight. The less we worry about the 5 lbs we need to lose before vacation, the better chance we have of acting losing it!

● Why Erin strongly dislikes restrictive diets, harsh detoxes, and the promise of a quick fix.

● Yes, guys really do drop weight faster than women! Find out why.

● Erin’s top three tips to developing a healthy relationship with food: mindfulness practice, mindset work, keep it simple.


● “It was getting harder and harder to start the diet again every Monday.”

● “Our fuel actually does change how we feel.”

● “Fruits and vegetables were my gateway drugs.”

● “It’s almost how you begin the journey, is understanding the impact of food.”

● “Fat isn’t the outcome of taking care of your body.”

● “Meal plans and knowledge aren’t what got me to the place I am now.”

● “The brain is required to make us eat. We aren’t supposed to starve.”

● “Question your beliefs about what health really looks like.”


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