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Eveline Charles

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Founder & Owner of Eveline Charles Salons. Spas. Beauty MD

Episode Number 64: Dream Big and Measure Your Goals



Eveline Charles is a powerhouse female entrepreneur and a brilliant example that we each have the ability to create our personal empire with the right tenacity, skill, and commitment. Eveline shares her story about the path from working in the salon and spa business to running the Eveline Charles company and bringing in over 16 million dollars a year. She also talks about how to grow at a pace that’s right for you, when to take the step into the next level of business, and the power in asking for help.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

● How Eveline founded a multi-million dollar business and became the first woman to be inducted in the Alberta Business Hall of Fame.

● Why we need to think big, dream big, and then take inspired action. So many people underachieve because they don’t set their goals high enough.

● Eveline went to beauty school but is a self-taught businesswoman. She is an example of how well we can do when we educate ourselves, ask questions, and get mentors.

● More about the success of the Eveline Charles company, and what is next for the very popular brand.

● So much of business is about being friendly and connecting with others.

● Eveline shares her goals publicly so those in her tribe hold her accountable. She also sets her personal and professional goals to a timeline, so she can work even harder to accomplish them.

● Eveline is not just amazing in the business world, she also is an athlete. She ran the 100th Anniversary of the Boston Marathon. Running has given her the gift of health, and a place to clear her mind and get creative.

● Expansion is great, but you have to make sure you understand the markets you are in.

● The changes Eveline has noticed over the past 5 years in terms of marketing, customer service, and advertising.

● Brands must continue to evolve and respond to the needs of their business if they truly want to be successful.

● Eveline’s advice for women to speak up and say what they really think.

● Dream big and think big, but you always have to make sure that your goals are accountable and measurable.


● “If you think big you are going to grow big. If you are going to think small you are going to fall behind.”

● “Business has an interesting way of pushing you in the right direction.”

● “Business is in my blood. It makes me so excited to hear about different successes in different businesses.”

● “If you are not evolving, you are dying.”


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