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Gay Derk

Founder & Editer in Chief of Bridal Fantasy, CEO of Derks Fine Group of Companies

Episode 181: Gay Derk: 40 Years of Manifesting Love and Light

Known as Western Canada's Bridal Expert, Gay Derk has been building her empire in the wedding industry for over 40 years as the Founder & Editor in Chief of Bridal Fantasy and CEO of Derks Fine Group of Companies. Gay has worked with renowned wedding professionals across the world and elevated her companies to a global scale with awards from Bridal Show Producers International, Western Canada Fashion Week, ACE Awards of Disctinction, and much more.

Aside from her accolades as a succesful business woman and entrepreneur, Gay is also a wife, mother and grandma. She married her husband Darrell in 1976 and they have enjoyed a happy and love filled marriage, and have two sons together, Landon and Sterling. Both of Gay’s sons have kept transitioning the family business, Landon with Derks Formals, Derks Uniforms and FiveStar Uniforms; Sterling with menswear and Mr. Derk. When she isn’t busy running multiple companies, Gay enjoys painting, writing, traveling, cooking, and spending time with her grandchildren.

Gay has also just launched a brand new podcast called Love Anthropology! The podcast is dedicated to sharing and building love and relationships in many, many different ways. Check out the first four episodes here, and be sure to check out the accompanying blog! There are many different lessons to be gleaned, and it is also perhaps a great sneak preview of what to expect from the book Gay is hard at work on!

For more on Gay, Derks Companies, Bridal Fantasy and more, check out the Derks website, Bridal Fantasy website, or follow Gay on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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