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Glori Meldrum

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

CEO of G[Squared] Marketing & Founder of Little Warriors

Episode 49: Learn to Love Yourself with Glori Meldrum



Glori Meldrum is a force to be reckoned with, whether it’s fighting for herself or for the peace and dignity of others. Glori joins the Inner Circle to fearlessly and openly share her own personal experience of child sexual abuse and explains the depth of damage that it caused even in adulthood today. She talks about how she took that pain and used it to found Little Warriors and the Be Brave Ranch, to help prevent more abuse in the future for other children, and give them a road map of where to turn to when they are faced with a situation similar to hers. Glori then also talks about how her cancer diagnosis led her to find more self-love, clarity, and truth than ever. A successful entrepreneur and dynamic businesswoman, Glori reminds us that you can have it all on the outside but it’s really the inside love that counts.

What You’ll Hear in This Episode:

● Glori’s own story of sexual abuse from her grandfather when she was just 8 years old. This unbelievable experience robbed her as a young girl of trust and faith in others and self-worth, an issue that she still works on today as an adult.

● Shocking statistics of perpetrators and abusers — 95% of the time in sexual childhood abuse cases it’s someone the child knows. Sexual predators also abuse 75-125 children on average, which is significantly more than most would expect.

● Glori found the strength to report her grandfather at age 10, but was not offered treatment or help and instead was accused of lying and making the story up.

● How Glori found strength and love by meeting her husband, and she owes so much to her healing to his unconditional love and support.

● The bolt of brilliance in Glori that helped her create Little Warriors and how this organization treats, educates and prevents sexual abuse like no others out there.

● Glori’s dedication to cutting through the red tape and political obstructions in order to help her kids at the Be Brave Ranch.

● The lessons that Glori’s cancer diagnosis and treatment taught her: slow down and be more present, tell the truth and be vulnerable and work on loving yourself deeply.


● “I had no one, but I wanted to live.”

● “Nothing on the outside is ever enough.”

● “Sexual abuse is a life sentence to survive.”

● “There’s no one that can ever take me off course from healing those kids."

● “In order to get me to live, I needed to let go of everything.”


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