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Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Lieutenant Governor Of Alberta

Episode 47: Giving Back Stays With You



It’s not every day you get to say that the Queen's representative will be inside the Inner Circle. This week, Lois Mitchell, Canadian businesswoman, philanthropist, and 18th Lieutenant Governor of Alberta joins the show. Lois is the representative of Queen Elizabeth II of Canada in the Province of Alberta. She shares her fascinating story of climbing up the business ladder in a brilliant and beautiful way and found a way to give back to her love of sports, the arts, and philanthropy. Lois is an action-oriented and tireless advocate of her community and gives advice on supporting one another and living gratefully with happiness and strength. She also discusses how she and Doug, her husband of 58 years met, and what we can expect next from her personally and professionally.

What You’ll Hear in This Episode:

● Lois was born in Vancouver and attended the University of British Columbia to study physical education. She later worked as a teacher in British Columbia before moving to Calgary and has a strong sense of gratitude for teachers and how much they inspire us.

● Lois is also on the board of directors for the International Institute for Olympic, Paralympic and Sport Pedagogy, Special Olympic Foundation, Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, and Hockey Canada Foundation. She and her husband Doug are big advocates for sports and physical activity, and they have donated to and organized many events.

● Why Lois surrounds herself with people that do what they say they are going to do.

● Her definition of Home: Harmony of Mind Expressed, and how Edmonton was almost like a second home to her for years as the sold Edmonton Eskimo’s Souvenirs.

● More about Lois’s Dress for Success Course and remember - we only have about 30 seconds to make a first impression.

● How her time as the President of the Junior League of Calgary helped her understand the importance of volunteerism and how volunteering can get you into your next career.

● As women, we put such pressure on ourselves to be working full time and have it all together at home. It’s okay to ask for help.

● The two most important ingredients that make up the recipe for respect: team and trust.

● What it was like for Lois to start lobbying senators, and what the extra steps were that set her apart.

● How she remembers everyone’s name and details about them when she is meeting hundreds of people at any given point.

● What it really is like to be the Queen Elizabeth II of Canada in the Province of Alberta and the magical experience of visiting Prince Charles at Highgrove and drinking tea with the queen.


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Feb 08, 2022

Can I request you as a new comer in Calgary, I am mentally upset due to Alberta support behavior,my financial monthly funds are still pending with Medonna w.e.f. 2ndDec, 2021.

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