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James Lawrence

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

The Iron Cowboy, Author & Speaker

Episode 61: Redefining Impossible



James Lawrence has redefined impossible and pushed the limits of what we think is capable, both physically and mentally. By doing 50 Ironmans in 50 days in 50 states, he has more than earned the title, the “Iron Cowboy”. He joins the show to talk about his bag of “why’s” when deciding to do the 50-50-50, the importance of stepping out of your comfort zone, and how to think your way into being a force to be reckoned with. James also shares some of his favorite yet toughest moments from the challenge, and what’s next for him as he opens up and shares his story with others.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

● Why James is nicknamed the Iron Cowboy and accomplished the 50-50-50, a feat that was deemed physically impossible.

● The importance of mindset and stepping out of your comfort zone. James doesn’t love living in discomfort, but he knows that is where growth lies.

● How James took the economic crash of 2008 and saw that he wasn’t a match for mediocrity and the status quo.

● A few of James’s career highlights, such as sharing his story with the Minnesota Vikings and having them deeply connect to his experience.

● The importance of letting children know they are loved and are valued, but also giving them set expectations and following through with natural consequences.

● Almost all sports (except hockey!) were a big part of James’s upbringing, and he found that individual sports helped him discover who he really was, and the grit that he was made of.

● What exactly the 50-50-50 is, and why it is referred to as the greatest endurance feat that no one knows about.

● What James remembers from those 50 days and the greatest physical and mental obstacles he had to overcome.

● What is next for James? Sharing his story to influence people to get out of their heads and into the game of life.

● Be okay with your journey and who you are, and the opinions of others don’t matter.

● The fantastic influence that his children and wife had on helping him through the 50-50-50, and why one person’s 5k is just as important as any marathon.


● “You have to put a lot of thought and purpose into why you are doing something.”

● “Amazing things at certain times of your life take great sacrifice.”

● “The finish line is not the finish line until you cross the finish line."


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