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Jasmine Star

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Photographer & Business Strategist

Episode 007: Life, Love and Likes



Jasmine Star has a blockbuster story, a huge successful business, and wants to share all of it with you. Today, she talks with Carrie about how she built her huge platform to help elevate others discover and use their voice. Jasmine is an award winning social media strategist, and a self taught photographer who has been named one of the Top 10 Wedding Photographers in the World. Her remarkable wisdom and connection to her purpose is inspirational, and her practical tips in branding, marketing, and social media are grounded in real life results.

What You’ll Hear in This Episode:

● How Jasmine’s family and upbringing sparked her love for self learning and curiosity towards the world around her.

● The emotional and difficult time Jasmine went through while in Law School while dealing with her mother’s brain cancer.

● Why we know in our deep down heart what our dreams really are, and why it’s okay to follow them even if we feel far away from them.

● The hilarious truth that Jasmine wasn’t Annie Leibovitz from the start, and she self taught her way into excellence.

● Jasmine’s advice for building a foundation even while doubters and highly critical people try to tear down your dreams and minimize your successes.

● How both Jasmine and Carrie let their most painful moments serve as a vehicle to move forward in life with openness and bravery.

● How Jasmine transitioned from the wedding space into the social media market.

● Jasmine’s expert advice on how often we should post, and on what specific platforms.

● The real information on using geographic based and visual specific hashtags.

● The top mistakes that even professionals in social media make, leading their content to

be irreverent and vanilla!

● Helpful advice on how to get great social media pictures and posts, but also be present

in the moment.


● “My passion to help other people literally ricochet off the walls.”

● “Law school came as a result of being a child of an immigrant.”

● “What is the thing that matters most? Love.”

● “We have the option to choose the safe, wide and luscious path, or the scary, steep

path. I chose the thin and narrow path because I believe it led to where I wanted to be.”

● “Show up in service of others. Figure out how your purpose align with their needs.”

● “Life is so short that your opinions don’t pay my bills, but my passions do.”


Journey Into the Inner Circle:

Carrie Doll @CarrieADoll - Twitter @carriedollconsulting - Instagram Carrie Doll - Facebook


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1 Comment

jennifer coll
Nov 13, 2018

I have loved hearing all of your podcasts and have been thoroughly inspired listening to all of them. I especially loved the social media insight with this particular podcast and have already started to implement some of the advice I gleaned listening to Jasmine. :) I also want to share that it has been humbling and rewarding to get feedback from the podcast you did with me. I am loving the positive ripple effect your podcasts are creating and the extension of support that is going both ways. It's exciting! Proud to be a part of your journey, Carrie. xo Jennifer Coll

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