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Dr. Jen Esquer

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

DPT, PT and Creator of the Optimal Body Program

Episode 013; Empowering Us to Heal Ourselves with Dr. Jen Esquer


On today’s episode, we get down with Dr. Jen Esquer. Literally - she wants us to get down on the floor and get back up again without any help. As a former competitive gymnast, track and field star, dancer turned Doctor of Physical Therapy, Jen’s main mission is to heal the world through empowering us to heal ourselves. She develops programs to help people live a pain free and active life no matter what the age. Today, she talks with us about her journey into Physical Therapy, the most common injuries she sees, what behind the Instagram is really like with boyfriend Lewis Howes, and ways we can start implementing movement to better our lives.

What You’ll Hear in This Episode:

● Dr. Jen is on a mission to heal the world, and empower us to heal ourselves and get us to reconnect with our bodies.

● We should redefine what normal should really be. There are people with “limitations” every day winning races, competing in games and out there being fantastic. Jen believes that nothing should hold anyone back from believing in themselves.

● Where it all began for Dr. Jen, and what her experience with gymnastics taught her in regards to work ethic, integrity and honesty.

● Maintaining our mobility and flexibility is a choice that we have, even if we aren’t as bendy as Jen!

● The importance of mentors and coaches at every level of personal development.

● The most common injury Dr. Jen sees in her work, and ways we can work to prevent it.

● How often Jen’s work is more about treating humans, connection and community than the injury itself.

● Dr. Jen’s expert advice for those of us that sit for our jobs or travel.

● Some of the myths involving mobility and posture.

● The learning and growth lessons from her relationship with entrepreneur and podcaster Lewis Howes.

● How she and Lewis find a way to unplug and reconnect with each other despite both their busy and thriving social media accounts!

● How someone can start investing in themselves and their body in a way that fits in with their everyday life.


● “I had an obsession to find out everything I didn’t know about the body.”

● “I don’t think we know how good our tissues are at healing themselves.”

● “We are not just treating a tissue, we are a treating a human.”

● “One of the keys to longevity is being able to get up and down without using your hands or help.”

● “Being able to celebrate my friends wins and successes makes me really happy”

● “The number one thing that has helped me in growing is personal development

work and appreciating everything about myself so I can appreciate it in others.”


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