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Jessica Janzen

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Motivational speaker, published author, ‘serial-perneur’ small business owner and co-founder of the Love for Lewiston Foundation

Episode 91: Bring the Joy with Jessica Janzen.


How many of us have trouble finding joy these days? We are all going to have tough days as we navigate through this COVID crisis.

...But what if I told you that everything is figureoutable?

Today's guest is an expert in bringing joy!

She recently finished a book named "Bring the Joy" (coming out May 26, 2020) because she knows the world needs to hear this message, especially during these difficult times.

She believes that we can bring joy to death, and to a time like this. Before you roll your eyes; trust me, she lived it.

After losing her son, she decided that she would stop wasting time and get moving on her big dreams. Her incredible journey and message teach us to "use pain as rocket fuel to create amazing change", and she is here to help us find joy starters amid all this uncertainty.

She is a keynote speaker, published author, philanthropist, fashionista and all-around kickass woman and mom. It's a pleasure to have the one and only Jessica Janzen joining us in The Inner Circle.

So let's bring joy!

What You’ll Hear in This Episode:

  • 7:35 - We start with Jessica's incredible story, and the learnings she gained through the loss of her child. A wound of this magnitude is enormous for anyone; so finding joy becomes the mission.

  • 24:00 - After a hard emotional rollercoaster, Jessica shares the details of the incident, and how she found the strength and joy in a moment at his funeral.

  • 29:02 - We go back to when Jessica was in high school, where she lived through a powerful but dark moment, but she had someone to protect her and help her get through that moment.

  • 30:45 - Even after so much pain, there was joy for Jessica and her husband, as their new daughter was born, and they were able to start again.

  • 35:00 - Jessica reveals how her "joy career" unfolded and the fundraising process around it, the events she created to grow the movement, and how it became a business.

  • 44:00 - We turn to the other passions Jessica's business made, the struggle to grow them, the freedom that allowed her to build the foundation, and the origin of "joy starters".

  • 50:36 - She explains the mindset wire that allowed her to become so "insane", and how she got to use all this crazy goodness to do good in the world.

  • 52:40 - We are all going through different levels of pain in our lives, but Jessica teaches how to use pain as rocket fuel.


  • "Here's what your mission is, stay on this path, and you will have a great life."

  • "There wasn't a solution to figure it out; it was how we're going to figure to how to make his death amazing."

  • "We are going to do this with joy, and we are going to honour our son's life."

  • "We literally had been given the gift of time saying, you don't have a lot of it so use it well."

  • "There is no roadmap for grief; everyday is different."

  • "Because you lost your life, I found mine."

  • "We wanted to encourage people just to move their bodies."

  • "I know I have to use what I'm given."


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