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Julie Daniluk

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Nutritionist And TV Personality

Episode 21: Food Can Heal What No One Else Can


Today, nutritionist, food activist, TV, and radio personality, and best-selling author Julie Daniluk joins the Inner Circle to talk about her interesting relationship with food and health. Julie is a true wealth of knowledge and uplifting energy in food, and she shares her expert knowledge on some of the hot topics currently in nutrition. She also discusses her life as an entrepreneur, her latest book ​Hot Detox​, and how she became the go-to nutritionist for TV shows such as Dr. Oz. Julie knew that the story she had to tell about food, health, and healing is one that must be shared.

What You’ll Hear in This Episode:

● How we are just in the infancy of understanding how food affects us, with only 120 years of research behind us.

● Julie’s advocacy for navigating hormonal changes properly, and what women should be aware of when taking hormone replacement therapies.

● What a “hot flash” really is, what causes them, and how women could identify potential triggers to lessen or eliminate them.

● The associative symptoms that arise when our hormones are off, and what natural remedies Julie suggests.

● The number one health issue and stressor Julie hears about on a daily basis.

● The importance of knowing what our bowel movements mean, and the handy chart Julie

uses to map what the movements mean according to our health.

● Why we really do need to listen to our gut and start there when healing our body from

the inside out.

● How grains and sugars have become so refined and processed that our body has

trouble properly processing them into healthy, clean energy.

● Julie’s advice on where to start, even if vegetables aren’t a part of your everyday diet.

● The essence of her new ​Hot Detox​ movement, and what people can expect when they

let go of inflammatory foods.

● Why Julie loves a good artichoke, avocado, cauliflower and garlic clove.

● How to get off the “white stuff” for good and replace our sugar cravings for sweet, yet

healthy foods with healing qualities.

● What started Julie on her path to nutrition, and her personal experience seeing the

difference in her own body when committing herself to healing her own colitis and


● How Julie loves using fresh ingredients and direct substitutions to create meals that

actually taste great.

● The course that changed Julie’s life and taught her how to hold her power and use her



● “Food absolutely can be a drug. It is a strong remedy that can assert powers on you.”

● “Food can be in your best friend, or your greatest enemy.”

● “Just losing one hour of sleep can make you angry!”

● “Most problems start in the gut lining.”

● “Just start counting the number of veggies that you have.”

● “Our palette always wants to be balanced, and that’s why diets really don’t work.”

● “What you put in your mouth eventually becomes every cell of your body.”

● “If you want to be an expert in anything, you have to dig in deep and do your homework.”

● “There was a time in my life where I was terrified of using my voice.”

● “People can have a breakthrough at any time in their communication.”


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Julie Daniluk


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