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Kacie Rainey

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Internationally Certified Areola Restorative Specialist

Episode 82: To help breast survivors transform their life


Kacie Rainey sits in front of my mic. From losing her dad to cancer at 17 and finding a lump in her own breast at 21 to feeling completely lost before finding her ultimate purpose in life in the transformation of thousands of women - Kacie's story is incredible.

Kacie specializes in 3D hyper-realism, "paramedical micro-pigmentation”. In simple terms, she creates super-realistic tattoos to replace the nipples of women who have had to undergo body-altering surgeries in their fight against cancer.

Her work for #proceduresforapositivepurpose, where she gives back her talents in paramedical micro-pigmentation, has changed so many lives for the better. The path that took her from grief to the a-ha moment that led to her life’s work is raw and inspiring.

“When you know your purpose, you don't even question it, you just do it.” ~Kacie

I am honored to share the beautiful insights Kacie reveals about how she processed her pain to give her life a greater purpose. As Kacie shares, life is a privilege, each day is a privilege, do right by others, treat people how you would like to be treated, and always give more than you’ll ever take in life.

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