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Karen Klak

Author, Storyteller, Medical Mom, Bereaved Parent

Episode 183: A Brief but Impactful Life: Mom Karen Klak Shares the Complicated Journey of Her Daughter Haley in Her New Book, Happy Faces Only: The Story of a Little Girl Who Lived

This week, Karen Klak joins The Inner Circle to share her story of grief, learning, and loving. Karen is an introverted person by nature, but those who know her well are familiar with her inability to tell a story without a long introduction, to set the scene and copious detail, to paint a clear picture. Karen is captivated by the stories of others, the deep, personal, and often challenging stories that shape our lives and make them the beautiful and complex people that we all are. She has spent the last many years sharing her story and supporting others in sharing their journeys in the medical world. Karen's work is her passion, and she credits her daughter, Haley, for setting her on this unexpected path.

Within the span of six years, Karen and her husband Greg had four children. She became a medical mom when Haley was 17 months old. She grew into that role over time, then became a bereaved parent when Haley died at age 11. Regardless, she is and always will be a mother of four.

This week's story is a heart wrenching one, but also arguably one of the most impactful. Karen is a beautiful soul with so much wisdom to give, and her daughter Haley's journey is both so inspirational and so unfair. This story of grief is one we may not all know, but we can all learn from.

Karen has a book out that details her journey with Haley. This wonderful book describes the gratefulness she has for the doctors who treated Haley with such love and care, and gives us a compassionate, detailed look at what it's like to have a family member who is a regular at the hospital. To purchase this book, or for more on Karen, visit her website.

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