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Kasey Machin

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Co-Founder of ParityYEG

Episode 26: Using Your Voice to Amplify Others



Kasey Machin was a passionate mom volunteering in her community and felt a calling to venture into new territory to use her voice to help make huge decisions for her community. Kasey comes into the Inner Circle to share why volunteerism is key when opening the door for following a path of politics, her experience as Community Liaison and Policy Advisor to Ward 1 City Councillor, and what led her to co-found ParityYEG - the bold, grassroots organization that aims to change culture by empowering women to take leadership roles in public services.

What You’ll Hear in This Episode:

● Where Kasey’s interest in politics comes from, and why it’s so important to be politically involved.

● What Kasey means when she says that women can be quite political, even though there is a greater need for women to hold higher positions of leadership and responsibility.

● The events that fuelled Kasey to become a strong advocate for women in leadership positions.

● Her impressive volunteer journey which led to a mentorship by Councillor Andrew Knack.

● What it’s like to be on the inside of political campaigns, and how getting involved may be even easier than you may think.

● How volunteering gave her the self-confidence to find her own voice and use it to amplify others that aren’t at the decision-making table.

● What a campaign manager does in their role, and what Kasey learned in her experience as one.

● The 60% rule, and why we should follow it as a measurement to know when it’s time to launch and move ahead.

● The stats that women need to be asked three times to be involved before they get involved, and why Kasey has no trouble advocating for that ask.

● Kasey’s innovative and non-intimidating strategy to get people involved in politics and find leadership skills that lend to campaign and volunteer work.

● Why a healthy debate makes us better as a city, society and beyond.

● The biggest feedback items from women on why they don’t run, and solutions for almost all of them.

● Advice for women looking to take even the first step to getting involved in politics


“We should consider how our voices can affect the future for our children and grandchildren.”

“Volunteering gives me passion. Some of my most important work that I’ve done was through volunteering.”

“As a campaign manager you lose sleep and spend time away from home, but it was the most fun experience and I met lifelong friends.”

“Women need to see other women in power, but even more, men need to see more women in power.”

“We were going to be bold and cheeky, and think outside the box.”

“Everyone can be a politician an and we need all those voices.”

“We need to challenge the norms and until women are involved in all of this, the culture won’t change. We aren’t going to get there until we change the culture."


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