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Kelley Keehn

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Finance Educator, Author, Speaker & Media Personality

Episode 35: Become Your Own CEO


Financial educator, author of over 9 books, and public speaker Kelley Keehn joins the Inner Circle today to give us the behind the scenes of all money matters. She got a first-row seat to wealth (and the lack of) while working in both the banking and financial industries and has built her own empire helping others learn to overcome their issues with money and create a long term plan of financial success. Kelley is the go to “money gal” for many national broadcast shows, and she also shares her experience of getting comfortable with public speaking, writing, and living like her own CEO. She will share the biggest mistakes women make in finance now, and ways we can become our own CEO.

What You’ll Hear in This Episode:

● Kelley’s background of seeing poverty, and how she propelled herself the other way into abundance.

● Why the “long game” matters when it comes to our bank accounts and personal goals.

● The things Kelley did wrong financially along the way - she may be an expert, but she isn’t perfect either!

● How Kelley got into finance and quickly worked her way up through self-study and dedication to learning.

● The true statement: timing is everything.

● Don’t judge a book by its cover when it comes to guessing who has money and who doesn’t.

● The challenges that Kelley encountered along the way of building her empire as a strong, confident and successful businesswoman and media personality.

● The changes she made to help her climb the ladder in an authentic way.

● Why Kelley left banking to head over to finance, and what steps she took to elevate herself personally and professionally.

● You are your own brand, and your own CEO!

● Ways to enhance your own professional experience even if you don’t have enough money (yet) to hire a 1:1 coach.

● How Kelley’s husband helped her take the first step to writing what would become writing books.

● How Kelley mastered the art of public speaking and being on camera.

● The biggest mistakes Kelley sees women making in finance.


● “Never stop learning, about everything.”

● “You want to write a book - wake up 2 hours before everything else.”

● “Get coaches.”

● “If you are what you do, what are you when you don’t?” - Wayne Dyer

● “Figure out what’s important to you, and be still about it.”


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