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Kelly Falardeau

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Motivational Speaker, Bestselling Author, Burn Survivor

Episode 120: Burn Survivor Kelly Falardeau's Empowering Story: From Near Death to Success


Dedicated to making a difference, Kelly Falardeau has used her life challenges as a burn survivor as the voice and inspiration to help re-define the definition of beauty. She is an international speaker known for encouraging and inspiring youth and adults to celebrate their differences and embrace their uniqueness.

Her authentic, playful and loving soul is what makes Kelly such an influential speaker - powerful in changing the way we see beauty. Nothing can keep this amazing soul from shining her beautiful, bright light.

Kelly opens up about so many different aspects of her life in this episode. Her vulnerability is admirable, inspiring, and her story is truly one of a woman who refuses to give up, to allow life to overtake her when things get tough. She now has the opportunity to share that tenacity and inspiration across the country through her speaking events; Kelly is someone from which everyone can learn.

For more on Kelly and her work, visit her website, or follow her on Twitter.

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