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Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Co-Founder of Poppy Barley

Episode 003: Setting a Higher Standard



Kendall Barber, a co-Founder of the multi-million dollar company Poppy Barley, is blazing a trail of socially conscious and ethically employed business in fashion. Today, she shares her journey of co-founding Poppy Barley with her sister, how they overcame setbacks along the way, and the opportunities they needed to create for themselves long before others offered to help them.

Poppy Barley at its core is a company built on being sustainable, intentional, and based on transparency. Kendall discusses her love of giving back to the community, and how it is her greatest gift to employ and empower others.

What You’ll Hear in This Episode:

  • Kendall’s insights and realizations as a new mother, including her new love of moving at a slower pace.

  • The superior comfort that happens when you have shoes fit to your personal measurements.

  • How a 12-year-old gave them the most helpful tip-off along the way of starting their company.

  • Their clear vision of success over a 6 month period, and strategy behind getting there.

  • The power of family, and the connection between Kendall and her sister, Justine, that made Poppy Barley have values of communication and trust.

  • The lifestyle adjustments and sacrifices Kendall and her sister made to ensure the business would work.

  • Why Kendall and Justine decided to create the Poppy Barley community in Mexico and the important standards that come with it.

  • The feeling of family, transparency, and culture Poppy Barley seeks to foster in their factory, and the partnerships that help their employees grow.

  • The shift we can all make to ensure we are buying in an ethical and conscious manner.

  • What a B Corporation is, and why it’s such a big deal to be recognized as one.


  • “When you venture from the norm, you have the ability to dream and create anything you want.” - CD

  • “If your life isn’t working, work doesn’t work.” - KB

  • “Focus on where you are going, not one paycheck making it into the bank.” - KB

  • “It’s about every component that goes into our footwear.” - KB

  • “Luxury starts with the people that make the product.” - KB

  • “Great businesses always have options.” - KB


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