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Keri Marie Irvine

Owner, Founder & CCO of GOLDSHEEP Clothing

Episode 195: Keri Marie Irvine is a Gold Sheep

Keri Marie Irvine is a gold sheep. Growing up in Newport Beach with its picture perfect beaches, weather, and people, she always felt like she didn’t exactly fit in, but she was no black sheep. “A gold sheep is someone who stands out, but also sparkles,” Wilson explains. It was with that idea that she launched GOLDSHEEP, her line of stylish athleisurewear. Each piece in GOLDSHEEP’s collection of leggings, sports bras, windbreakers, and other activewear is inspired by pop culture, life, photography or art, and has its own story to tell.

Made to order from their warehouse in Costa Mesa, GOLDSHEEP has been carried in over 1,000 brick and mortar stores, including Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom, Bandier and Soul Cycle with collaborators including Cindy Crawford, Kaley Cuoco, Saturday Night Live and Bravo. They’ve also produced products for major brands like Pepsi, MGM Hotel, SBE Group, SLS Hotels, Disney, Taco Bell, Casamigos, WWE and Peloton. Wilson got her start in fashion in Paris and New York, following in her father’s footsteps who helped launch Quiksilver and drawing inspiration from her grandmother as the ultimate gold sheep. “I’m inspired to make people feel happy and stand out in a room,” says Wilson. “All things bright ignite my soul.”

On the horizon, she looks forward to moving her headquarters back to a new location near Newport Beach where she’ll build out the ultimate GOLDSHEEP experience. She’s also launching a men’s and baby’s line with more to come. A go-getter who pursues her dreams, Wilson embodies what it means to be a dynamic woman.

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