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Kyrylo & Yana Kubenko

Ukrainian Family of Four Living in Calgary in the Midst of the Russian-Ukrainian Conflict

Episode 191: Kyrylo & Yana Kubenko: Leaving Ukraine, Finding Canada, & Longing for Home

When Kyrylo & Yana Kubenko and their two children left their home in February 2022, they left family, friends, the land they loved, and most of their belongings. The war in Ukraine has led them on a long, arduous journey that has brought them to first to Edmonton, and now Calgary, where they share their story of stress, heartache, fear of the unknown, and kind acts of the members of the community of Canada that have done everything they can to assist and welcome the family. Let's hold space for this incredibly brave family who still holds worry in their hearts every day for their home, for the loved ones they left behind, and for the Ukrainian soldiers who have lost their lives thus far.

Journey Into the Inner Circle:

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