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Marty Forbes

Legendary Radio Program Director, Media Consultant

Episode 198: Marty Forbes: It's All in a Name

Marty Forbes is an incredibly accomplished media personality; a 52 year veteran of marketing, media, and digital consulting, Marty has countless stories from his career, his life, and memories that come along with the name Forbes. His accomplishments and wise words make for a memorable instalment of The Inner Circle. Join us in relishing the greatness that is Marty Forbes!

Listen to the full episode for awesome stories and great rapport between two friends who have both seen the inner workings of the highest level of their industry. This episode is full of laughs, stories, and also behind-the-scenes anecdotes you won't find anywhere else.

For more on Marty, check out his Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram to keep up on his latest endeavours!

Journey Into the Inner Circle:

@CarrieADoll - Twitter

@Carrie Doll - Facebook


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